August 29, 2016

Grand Conclave Representatives

Most Worthy Brother Harry D. Turner

Grand Conclave Rep. for the Grand Conclave in the British Isles and in Territories Overseas.

Grand Conclave Rep. for the Grand Council for New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

Most Worthy Brother George R. O’Leary

Grand Council for Southern Australia

Most Worthy Brother T. Bilardino Segui

Grand Conclave of Northern Australia and Papua Guinea

R. Worthy. Bro. Peter D. Park

Grand Conclave for South Australia

Most Worthy Brother Glenson T. Jones

Grand Conclave of New Zealand

Right Worthy Brother George W. Eaton

Grand Conclave of France

Most Worthy Brother Michel J.S. Sastre

Order of the Secret Monitor of America

Right Worthy Brother Noel Joseph

Grand Conclave in Republic of India